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About us

Fin + Tech is the fintech and insurtech accelerator of CDP’s National Accelerators Network: born from an initiative of CDP Venture Capital SGR together with Digital Magics, Startupbootcamp, Fintech District and Nexi.

CDP Venture Capital SGR is an SGR (70% of CDP Equity and 30% of Invitalia) with over € 1 billion resources under its management. It aims to make Venture Capital a cornerstone of the country’s economic development and innovation, creating the conditions for an overall and sustainable growth of the Venture Capital ecosystem.

Digital Magics is the main Italian accelerator, with a track record of over 140 startups taking part in the last ten years including 13 exits and 73 active startups in its portfolio. Digital Magics, a pioneer in its sector, has gained strong expertise in company building and fundraising processes, leveraging the focus of specific verticals in the field of digital innovation as well as the positioning of innovation partners of the major Italian corporations. Digital Magics is recognized as the most active investor in investments in the early Fintech and Insurtech startup stages: 2 international programs, 22 startups, 15 corporate financial partners, 1 Exit in 3 years, +27 M € invested in the segment of which +4 M € from DM.

Founded in 2010, with about 1100 startups in its portfolio, Startupbootcampis today one of the first accelerators in the world and the first in Europe: active in every continent with more than 20 programs to which more than 20,000 startups apply every year. The high activity rate of startups 5 years after the program (over 70% compared to an average of less than 20%) and the strong attractiveness for investors (about € 900,000 of investments raised a few months from the start of the program) prove the solidity of the Startupbootcamp formula.

There have been several successful exits of Startupbootcamp alumni, including the German Relayr acquired in 2019 by Munich RE for 260 million euros.

Fintech District is the international community of reference for the fintech ecosystem in Italy. It acts with the aim of creating the best conditions for all stakeholders (startups, financial institutions, corporate companies, professionals, institutions, investors) to operate in synergy and find opportunities for both local and international growth. The various realities choosing to join have in common the propensity to innovate and the will to develop collaborations based on openness and sharing. The Community now has 170 startups and 16 corporate members who have chosen to participate in the creation of open innovation projects by collaborating with fintechs. Fintech District also has relationships with equivalent innovation hubs abroad to multiply investment and cooperation opportunities, affirming its role as gateway and reference point for the Italian market. Born in 2017, the Fintech District is based in Milan and is part of Fabrick.

Nexi is Europe’s PayTech company operating in high-growth, attractive European markets and technologically advanced countries. Listed on Euronext Milan, Nexi has the scale, geographic reach and abilities to drive the transition to a cashless Europe. With its portfolio of innovative products, e-commerce expertise and industry-specific solutions, Nexi provides flexible support for the digital economy and the entire payment ecosystem globally, across a broad range of different payment channels and methods. Nexi’s technological platform and the best-in-class professional skills in the sector enable the company to operate at its best in three market segments: Merchant Services & Solutions, Cards & Digital Payments and Digital Banking & Corporate Solutions. Nexi constantly invests in technology and innovation, focusing on two fundamental principles: meeting, together with its partner banks, customer needs and creating new business opportunities for them. Nexi is committed to supporting people and businesses of all sizes, transforming the way people pay and businesses accept payments. It offers companies the most innovative and reliable solutions to better serve their customers and expand. By simplifying payments and enabling people and businesses to build closer relationships and grow together, Nexi promotes progress to benefit everyone.

Credem Group is one of the main Italian private banking groups and it operates through more than 600 offices, corporate centers, small business centers, private centers and financial stores in 19 Italian areas. Companies specialized in Commercial Banking, Bancassurance, Asset Management and other activities are part of the Group as well. The Group has always combined technological innovation with individual customer needs. There are experts who are constantly working not only to meet customers’ needs, but also to anticipate them, by creating new services and new skills. In 2020, Credem Banca – the holding company – launched its new placement, linked to the concept of Wellbeing and coined a new word: Wellbanking (registered trademark). A promise that has a deep purpose: “to make people feel good”, therefore oriented to ensure well-being on three dimensions: for its customers, its people and its community.